Preparing a Fika

Fika to go


During IntEntSem 2014 our Swedish friends came up with an excellent idea.

FIKA stands for Coffee and Cakes/Cookies. It is a good tradition in Sweden to get together with your colleagues during coffee break once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In order to stimulate informal chats and -relationships within one company.

In our IntEntSem we would like to ask every country team to care for one Fika, so there would be a Belgian Fika, on other days a Spanish Fika, a German Fika, and so on. More information about Fika you can find here.

Bring a snack and small drink that we can have during the break. Make sure it is a specialty within the country of your home university. For Belgium this f.ex. could be beer and chocolate, instead of the normal coffee and cakes/cookies.


Link to YouTube video: